Our Process

1.) Creative Brief

First we will meet to determine your goals and what you’re trying to achieve with your website project. This includes your business goals, your audience’s goals, plus short-term and long-term objectives. This step of the process is designed to lay the foundation for the project, and will act as the framework for what we’ll build together.

2.) Pre-Production

Once we’ve worked with you to develop the creative brief we’ll create a project plan, perform a content audit, and lay out a high-level site map that illustrates the structure of your site. This is also the stage where we will work with you to gather or create all necessary assets, including text, graphics, photographs, video, and anything else you want to include on the site.

3.) Interactive Prototype

The prototype stage is crucial for establishing the user experience, functionality, flow, and layout of the site content. Gone are the days of developing photoshop mockups or paper wireframes that need to be converted to a functional site later. Instead, we’ll start developing a prototype right in the browser, with a laser focus on UX and functionality.

4.) Design & Aesthetics

After the UX and functionality of the site has been established, we focus on aesthetics, ensuring everything is looking great and on-brand. If you don’t have a brand we can work with you to craft a solid brand identity.

5.) Website Production

Next we work behind the scenes to build out the core functionality of the site. Any necessary API integrations and custom coding will also be completed at this stage. We’ll also make sure your website is fully mobile responsive and Search Engine Optimized (SEO) for organic discovery in search engines like Google.

6.) Site Launch

All of our hard work pays off as we launch your site for the world to see. If you chose to engage us for marketing services, we’ll also help you get the word out about your new website, with campaigns on social media, paid media, and email marketing. We’ll also provide training on how to use your new site, and give you 30 days of post-launch support to resolve any issues that may come up.

7.) Post-Launch Maintenance

After your 30 day support period is over, we offer Website Care Plans to ensure your site is maintained, secure, and up to date. We can also continue to collaborate with you on your marketing and business initiatives to help continue to grow the reach and effectiveness of your website.